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December Travels


Just some updates on where I’ve been this month.

Every year we celebrate my dad’s birthday out of the country, in his country of choice. This year wasn’t an exception so we went to Hong Kong – his ultimate favorite destination. My dad never tires of this place even though he’s been there so many times already, sometimes even several times a year. I also heard from my mom that they will be going back this January to Hong Kong for her birthday. Again, we don’t understand why haha. But if that makes them happy, we’re (brother and I) not complaining.

Some photos during our trip:

Kowloon Park where my Brother and I spent about an hour chatting and enjoying the scenery.

Taken outside Star Ferry in Central
I treated my family to these cute and yummy gelato.

Super delicious ice cream from Haagen Daz in Times Square Mall.

My daily staple food – Smoked Salmon Salad from The Market Place Supermarket

Drinks with my family at Ned Kelly’s Last Stand.
Ned Kelly’s Last Stand bar area where we were seated.

Bar hopping, our nth drink at FLM.Mom and dad, in matching grey-toned tops, during our brunch in Pizza Hut in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Aboard the Star Ferry from Harbour City going to Central. Our 3rd ride I think. With grumpy photobomber haha.

Looking at the photos, I realized that I had more videos than photos, so those are just some that I took. My husband, R, wasn’t able to join us on this trip because he maxed out his leaves (for Bicol) before we decided on this Hong Kong trip.

Our next travel was to R’s parents in Bicol. We stayed there for 6 days and spent Christmas there. We also experienced the typhoon Nina. Luckily, their home and property wasn’t damaged. They also had a generator so we were able to watch the news. Unfortunately, the phone signals were low and there was no internet,I wasn’t able to contact my family for a few days. From what I heard, until now they still don’t have electricity and internet.

I don’t have any photos from my Bicol trip apart from some polaroids that we took, but left there as remembrance. I miss staying there – the abundance of delicious home-cooked food (prepared by my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, both fantastic cooks), clean air, and relaxing atmosphere are some of the comforts I don’t have here. My only contribution was cleaning the dishes which I readily presented myself to do because I wanted an “assignment” haha and because I don’t cook well enough or barely know how to cook. I want to spare them from my bland and boring meals haha.

Anyway, that’s it for now. New Year’s Eve will be spent at my parents’ new condominum unit in McKinley which they’re super ecstatic about. I’ll try to take some photos. 🙂

Diode Laser Hair Removal at SkinStation SM Marikina

Guys, this is not a paid or sponsored ad. I used my own money to pay for these procedures. 

For years, I’ve been hoping that a laser hair removal clinic would open near my place. I’ve tried a couple underarm hair removal sessions before, but because it  would take me at least an hour to get to the clinic, I wasn’t able to finish my sessions.

Now, the heavens have heard my prayer. SkinStation opened in SM Marikina this November and I was finally able to find a slot in my schedule where I can visit the place.

Upon seeing SkinStation, I was glad to see that the place looked clean and posh. The entrance and reception area was well-lit and the items they were selling were organized. The receptionist warmly greeted me and  patiently answered all of my questions.

I decided to get three packages – underarm, lower leg, and brazilian. I know the thought of laser and the feeling of snapping rubber bands to the skin seems terrifying. Even the receptionist was surprised that it was my first time to go there and I decided then and there to avail three packages and even included the brazilian. She said she would be glad to know if the brazilian was painful or not. Only a few customers have tried the bikini laser from the sound of it.

I purchased the Elite Card which costs P1,000.00 and was valid for 3 (three) years. This entitles holders to 10% discount and avail of discounted promos even if they’re not on-going. So here are the packages that I got:

  • Diode Underarm 8 sessions for P5,000 (Regular Price is P1,500 per session)
  • Lower Legs 6 sessions at P P16,000 (Regular Price is P4,500 per session)
  • Brazilian 8 sessions for P12,000 (Regular price is P3,500 per session)

Including the Elite Card, I paid P34,000.00. Right now their branch only accepts cash or straight payments. But they did mention that they’re working on a 3-month payment system for credit cards. 

My attendant started by shaving all my hair in the intented areas. This took about an hour because it had to be a clean and close shave. It’s also recommended that they do the shaving so they would know which areas they should work more laser on. 

Disclaimer: I’m used to using an epilator on myself (which is painful), as well as have been getting a Brazilian Wax for years (which can hurt like hell). Please don’t stick to my experience and think that all would be well and good. Everyone has different skin types and conditions, and pain thresholds. If you’re not sure of what you’re getting into, I recommend to try getting a wax in the areas first just to gain experience and an idea of hair removal. Or try just one session. 

I decided that we start on my underarm so I can gauge the pain of the laser. She applied a thick layer of cool gel to my underarms and started the procedure at the lowest level and upped the level when I feel that I can bear the laser. It went by quickly and with minimal pain. But take note that I have been using an epilator for years. This feels like plucking the skin using several tools at the same time so I was a bit used to removing underarm hair quickly and painfully. Yes, painfully, because using an epilator also hurts.

Next up was my lower leg, because I also used an epilator on my legs, which also hurt, we upped the intensity of the Diode quickly so we can finish faster and more efficiently. 

The last part was painful, but bearable. I frequently get Brazilian Wax and because of this I already had an idea of the pain and suffering (hahaha!) that one endures for beauty (and laser on this area). This was the part I literally felt tiis ganda. We started at the lowest intensity so I can gauge and get used to the feeling. After a few increases on the intensity, I was starting to squirm from small, but quick shots of pain, but I knew that if I didn’t bear it and stuck to the lowest intensity, it would take me several packages, yes I said packages and not sessions, before I can see a result from the procedure. 

We finally finished after two and a half hours. All in all, it was good. I was happy with the procedure and I’m glad I finally went ahead and started with everything despite the initial investment (lol). I’m looking forward to my next session and finally becoming hair-free sometime next year!

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures, but I’ll try to take some on my next session in January. 

If you have questions, feel free to comment down below.

Where Have I Been?

For the past 2 months that I’ve been m.i.a., some good things have happened.

In October, I went on a 3-day training to become a financial advisor. This is just basic training, but I feel that I’ve learned a lot and could at least understand the insurance policies that I have acquired.

My days went like this:

On Monday I woke up at 3:30am. I didn’t have the chance to make breakfast (for the duration of the training), so I started prepping to go out. I left home the same time as R at 5:00am. I got to the parking at 5:30am a few steps away from the building, but found out that both Jollibee and McDonalds opened at 6:00am. I opted for the latter because I preferred their pancakes and the ambiance was more condusive to reading and waiting. I proceeded to the venue at 8:30am. If you’re wondering what I did in those 2 or so hours, I read online financial blogs and articles, watched some financial videos on youtube and of course browsed a bit on FB. For some reason, I didn’t think about blogging, maybe because I was just so in the moment. Hmm.

Anyway, training ended at 4:10pm. When I got to my car, there was a steel bar blocking it, luckily several cars were already waiting for a parking slot. I was informed by the street parking attendant that they could only allowed maximum of 2-hour parking. Unfortunately, I couldn’t park here again the following day. The drive home was short and I was pleased. Nearing home, I decided to gas my car a full tank, when I was advised that I better get an oil change so I did. R was at home by the time I was getting an oily change so he went there to accompany me. One of the tires had a huge nail in it so R and I convoyed and looked for a Vulcanizing shop, this was around 7:30pm. We went home and R prepared some soup with past because it was easier to make. I was already exhausted at this time and spent around 20minutes playing and cuddling our dog, Mico. Bathing and blow drying my hair took a while as usual. I slept at about 10:00pm.

On Tuesday I arrived at the same time, around 5:30am. Surprisingly, McDonalds was already open. I decided that I would park my car there. I went to the training room at 8:00am because the McDonalds seat was already giving me back pain from sitting too long. 

The day was the same, the training was fun and informative. 

But this was the day it rained heavily. My usual 40-minute drive home became 3 hours. Instead of getting home at 5:00pm, I arrived at almost 8:00pm. R got ahead of me by about 5 minutes and he told me how Mico was barking from inside the house. Mico was upset from being left alone for too long. 

I decided not to have dinner because I was too tired. But of course, some cuddling and playing with Mico first. Then took a shower, blow dried my hair and went to sleep at around 10:00pm.

Wednesday morning I had to borrow my parents’ car because mine was coding. I was supposed to do this the night before, but with the traffic, I opted to just do this in the morning. I woke up at 3:00am and left at 3:50am and arrived at my parents at about 4:10am. I got to McDonalds at 4:50am and luckily it was already open. 

I got to the training room a bit before 8:00am so I decided to grab coffee from 7-Eleven because I was still sleepy despite my 2 large coffee in McDonalds. This was the last day of training and I know I would miss our class. I asked for everyone’s contact number and even their FB just so we can all keep in touch. We had 3 exams that day to test our skill. Fortunately, I passed them all and even got a peferct score in the last one. What a great way to cap off the training.

Now I just have to prepare for the licensure exam.

I loved every single minute of my training and my personal time before that, even though I had to wake up early and had to settle with shorter rest, it’s still one if the most memorable experiences for me. I felt like I had gone back to school, only this time I was more determined. I’m hoping for great things with my new venture. I initially wanted to only learn and understand my insurance policies better, but having the chance to learn more and even have an income opportunity is the best thing to have happened.


I got very sick for a week, and decided to rest the first few days and just did office work on the remaining days. I also went to Bicol with R and we stayed at his parents’ home. I also visited the cemetery where my grandparents and youngest brother were laid.

And then I took the 2 insurance exams and waited about a week to get the result. I passed!

So it was also this month that my parents have asked me to be more involved in the family business. They’re already starting to venture into different businesses and they wanted me to learn the ropes so that I can ease into handling things while they’re still here to assist me.

So the good news is I’m now actively participating in our family business. The downside is that I have less time to attend meetings in Ortigas for financial planning seminars. Coincidentally, my crucial days of the week for the business falls on the same days as the insurance seminars. How I wish I decided to become a financial advisor sooner!

Anyway, I’m hoping to at least attend a couple seminars a month just so I can finally start introducing insurance to some of my friends and clients. At this rate, I’m still not confident to offer it. I really hope I can fix my schedule and allot even a few days for it.

That’s it for now.

This Week


Majority of my week has been field work and client calls. On top of that, it’s been a rainy week, good thing I have separate flats for when I visit muddy, and cement-laden sites. Anyway, I just use older, rattier shoes. On a brighter note, my side business did great this week, and I’m expecting a few more positive things during the remainder of this month.

When it comes to exercise, I was only able to squeeze in 3 short workouts this week, and it manifests on my tummy, which is getting bigger again, sadly. Plus, we were treated to Shangri La BGC, Fort dinner buffet by my in-laws on Thursday night, I’m not complaining though, the food and company were great. Also, I was secretly looking forward to that. 

Tuesday – Met clients in Starbucks. I rarely (uhm, never) do this, but did so as per their request. First time to meet with one of the clients because of referral, but so far so good. Crossing my fingers for future business.

I was also able to visit our house construction twice – the first one being, the day before the second floor’s cement-pouring and the day during the cement pouring. Good thing I was able to visualize where they would be putting the pipework for both the water and electrical for all the bedrooms and baths upstairs. The electrician was able to install cable pipes and cctv pipes even though they weren’t in the house plans. Good job!

Thursday, I went with R to Makati and just did some online work there. Also, the H&M skirt I mentioned in my previous post, I bought a back up because I really liked the quality and length. Dinner time was when we were treated to Shangri La BGC buffet by my sister-in-law. I wish I took pictures though. I was too busy choosing food and eating.

Friday, R worked at home. My parents invited us to lunch. I was also supposed to meet a client during lunch, but she couldn’t make it. Took R home, had a meeting then went back to the office to meet with another client. 

I was supposed to meet two clients on Saturday, but the other one cancelled. It’s fine though because I got to finish some work at home. Sunday, we went to SM Megamall and had breakfast in Jollibee. Lunch was spent doing a bit of work in Starbucks where R and I shared one triple soy latte. I just took a few sips to save some money, and I didn’t like the aftertaste. Anyway, internet was terrible there so a lot of time was spent idly. We attended mass with my in-laws and were then treated to early dinner in Pho Hoa. Bought a skirt on sale and a pair of pants for work (not on sale, and the ones I’m currently using are quite loose), both at H&M. 

Oh! And I finally finished The Girl With All the Gifts. It’s okay. I found the middle part a bit draggy, but I like how the story concluded. Anyway, I started The Widow by Fiona Barton last night. Haven’t gotten to the good parts yet though. 

How was your week?

Building Our Dream Home


Warning: TLDR

Way before R and I got married, we hoped of building our dream home someday. We were together for 9 years before we got married. I just graduated a month from university when we became a couple. Back then, I thought of purchasing a lot first, and someday, constructing our home, maybe sometime in our mid-40s. We liked looking at homes that we pass by and talking about the things we wanted inside a home. 

One time, around 5 years ago, I brought R to this 5-level model house, I loved that property. It was a glass house, that had a great view at the 4th level and an even more amazing view of the entire city and both Manila and Laguna de Bay, at the 5th level. Looking back, that 5-level house was beautiful, but now that we are currently renting a 3-storey house, and have lived here for over a year, quite honestly, there is no way we will be building a house with more than 2 floors. I think R has only gone to the 3rd floor, a total of 3 times since we moved here – and that was 13 months ago.

Some of the things in our dream home list included:

  • 3 bedrooms and an extra room for if we ever get help someday
  • A patio that would be attached to the dining area. This is where we can open the doors and just let the breeze come inside the house and othertimes where we would spend our lunch and dinners there, even have coffee over stories.
  • A small garden where we can plant fruit-beating trees or plants maybe.
  • A covered car park that can allot 3 cars because I dream on having an extra bigger vehicle for our future family someday (we both have our own cars).
  • All the bedrooms with their own bathrooms – yes, a girl can dream.
  • And, lastly, I personally love white and light grey homes and furniture, inspired by Scandinavian homes I often look at.

    But, we didn’t know our circumstances would lead us to where we are today.

    When we got married, R’s parents, my in-laws, kindly gifted us with a lot. It’s a beautiful lot located in the outskirts of Metro Manila. It’s a big lot – for us, where we can finally build our dream home someday. A two-story house would give it a view, not the view of the enire city or the bay, but a small view of the city and a of view of mountains. 

    I think I have told only one of my closest friends about this part and I’m excited to share our story here.

    To our surprise, weeks after we finally got married, my parents (who are both civil and geodetic engineers), encouraged us to finally prepare (financially) and build our dream home. My mom, in particular, said that they would appreciate that we do it soon (more like now!) while they were young (they are in their late 50s) and are still into construction because they are also planning to focus on other business ventures one day. And when that time comes, they won’t be able to help us out the same way they can now (whilst they have the manpower, suppliers, and connections in the construction business). 

    It was a bit of a shock to us as a newly-married couple. We didn’t think we could afford it. But when we finally got down to pooling our savings, my mom said that it was enough to start the construction, but that we should be able to come up with the rest when the house was finished. R and I finally decided to take a small housing loan and the rest is history – not!

    Right now we are still in the process of earning, scrimping, and saving all that we can to be able to come up with the remaining payment. The loan we got is not enough to pay for the balance. To be honest, it’s very tough on us because we are barely getting by on the income that we both have. People see us and think that everything is going great for us, and in a way it is, but at the same time, it’s also taking a toll on our relationship. We both decided that while the house is being constructed and while we have to finish the house payment, that we will not try and have children yet, because we won’t be able to afford it. We know that we are very lucky to be able to build our dream home at this age and this point in our life. My parents have waived their service fee, gave us so many discounts, and so many freebies such as additional steelwork support for the foundations and beams, on top of what is required by the city engineering (these are no longer necessary, but my dad wanted this for additional safety of R and I’s future home). My mom is already thinking of what bath tub we should purchase, but we are just aiming for the sturdiest and most affordable one, that is if we can afford it. We do pray (everyday) that we would be able to come up with enough money for the house, even though we know that we won’t be able to afford any furniture after the house is finished and that’s next year. It will be a beautiful house we are sure of that, it will be our dream home, but we just have to have faith that things will work out in the end.

    Anyway, enough of the drama. These are some photos of our future home. I’m so excited to share it because, even though talking about it makes us both happy and sad at the same time, we are proud that we are able to start building our dream home, all thanks to both our parents’ love, kindness, and generosity.

    I just want to end this with a quote from Jerellt‘s own house blog post:

    “Some may say, “Ang yabang naman neto!” Pero, kayabang-yabang naman siguro ‘tong achievement naming mag-asawa, ‘di ba? Dugo, pawis at luha ang pundasyon ng bahay namin!”

    Photos of the lot before construction began earlier this year:

    My parents looking for the muhon or boundary stone. This photo was taken earlier this year.

    My dad checking the soil because the lot is situated in a mountain. The white house behind him is on the ridge, overlooking Metro Manila. Our lot is a bit below that because it’s in the middle of part the subdivision. Safer, my parents think, from landslides if or when it happens. We hope never.

    My mom thinking about how the layout would be because a portion of the flooring would be way higher than the road. Luckily, the lots across ours don’t have houses yet, so we will still have a nice view in front.

    House Groundbreaking


    Just a little update from our house construction from a few months back. I love posting photos here because I don’t do it on my personal social media accounts. Here are some photos during the groundbreaking:

    My dad checking out the height of the road agains the house construction.

    View from one side of the lot showing some of our future neighbors’ houses. They probably built roofdecks to enjoy the panoramic view of the city and the mountains.

    My mom checking out one of the holes and giving instructions.

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