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Because I Really Miss This Place



Lipsticks – Mischa Signature, YSL Rouge Voluptes, Guerlain Rouge Automatique, YSL Rouge Pur Couture, Tom Ford, Chanel


Picked up these lippies from my trip last December (!) Yup, I’ve been that neglectful pre-occupied. I absolutely miss makeup and this site.

Anyway, I moved out of my parents on February and started living on my own alone and it’s fun. Budgeting though is another story.

Money went to rent deposits/advance and furniture and appliances and savings for the next couple of months because I need to survive. And makeup is (supposed to be) the last thing on my mind. But that’s a lie 😉

Anyway, I’ll make sure to drop by every once in a while. I miss the makeup community – hi Rae (! 🙂

About Mej

Hi! I'm Mej and that little guy is my dog, Mico. I used to write post mostly about beauty and a long time ago, just fashion, but that's going to change. So I could post more often, I've finally decided to post anything that catches my fancy - be it beauty, fashion, interior and facade design, married life and life in general, career, and even finance. It felt limiting to write just up to three topics - beauty, travel, and health, especially now that I don't feel as passionate writing just about those three things. But that's all in the past now. Anyway, that's it for now. See you in my posts!

3 thoughts on “Because I Really Miss This Place

  1. Miss your posts!

    Napa-reminisce tuloy ako of the time I was really living on my own fending for myself. I moved out after HS pero ay allowance pa nun. Nung may work na, I’m on my own.

    Lucky your parents allowed you to move out. Most Filipino parents prefer that we stay with them til we’re married.

    1. thanks Rae! hay the parents were a bit sad at first, but I really wanted to be on my own. I “tried” to be financially prepared 😉 eventually, they were ok then happy about it. 🙂

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