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Hello gorgeous!

I’m back with another empties post. It’s so easy to finish face and bath products especially now that summer has arrived and taking 2 (or more) baths a day helps me relax and of course get rid of that icky, sweaty feeling. For this empties I’m going through my bath products. I usually use 3 or more products at once so you’ll notice that I have more than one product in the same category like the facial wash and hair masks. So onto the enpties.

Clean and Clear Facial Wash in plastic bottle – I’ve had zits the last few months so I went out looking for this as I’ve trusted this brand to get rid of acne and prevent future ones. Clean and Clear facial wash and I go way back. This saved me from cystic acne in my teen years and made my skin blemish-free for years until I went on to try different brands. Now, it’s helping me make my skin zit-free once again. I will most definitely purchase again.

Clean and Clear Clear Fairness Cleanser – I have the small and big tub of this one. It’s does the same job as the previous one only that’s in gel form while this is in cream form. I feel this gives me more bang for buck as I only need to use a small amount to cover both my face and neck. As for the whitening effect, I didn’t notice any. I will repurchase this again.

Monea Powerdose – I really need my hair treatments, otherwise my hair would look like a bird’s nest. Sad, I know. This does an okay job at making my hair silky and manageable. I do find that I have to use a lot of product before my hair reaches a good state meaning I consume a lot of product so even though this is a bit affordable, I don’t think I’m getting my money’s worth. I might repurchase in the future as it’s a good product.

Bath and Body Works Blushing Cherry Blossom Shower Gel – I like the scent a lot and it’s moisturizing! It’s a great shower gel for cooler months, but not so much for summer as it leaves me feeling hot and sticky later on in the day. I might repurchase another scent in the colder months.

Tresseme Smooth and Shine Hair Mask – Saves my hair on a daily basis with its straightening and smoothing properties. I’ll repurchase when I finish my 3 hair masks.

Tresseme Smooth and Shine Conditioner – Huge tub which may work great for those with more manageable hair. I use this prior to using hair mask, but I realized it’s not really a necessity as using conditioner plus hair mask daily is a bit redundant. I’m sticking to just hair mask (when I finish my other conditioners). I won’t repurchase.

So there you have it, my empties post- bath edition. I hope my reviews on the products help some of you out there. Have a lovely day!

First Empties Post



Hello gorgeous!

I’ve amassed quite a number of makeup and skin/hair/body products when I fell in love with makeup again 2 years ago. But after a while the number of products just makes me feel so overwhelmed. Therefore, I’ve finally decided to do my first Empties post! I’m also looking forward to my first Project Pan post someday! But then again, one day at a time.

I’ve been using makeup daily ever since I got hooked two years ago, but so far I’ve only hit pan on a few.It’s a real challenge, but I’m up for it! Skin and hair products are easier to finish as they’re used daily.

Anyway onto the Empties.


Block and White Ultima with Glutathione and Spf 20- It’s a whitening lotion from a brand that’s quite well-known for yes, skin whitening products. I’ve had this a while back, but wasn’t religious in slathering lotion. It’s a bit thick and I tend to use a lot of product only in my arms. I quickly finished this. As for the lightening properties, I can’t really attest to that because my skin does get lighter when I don’t get much sun exposure. I might purchase this again.

Nivea Extra Whitening Inner Cell Repair – This is also a whitening product as clearly stated in its description. I like that it’s very light and not at all oily and can be worn in daytime. I have another one of this I have to finish plus several other Nivea lotions. I do like Nivea products. It’s a product I tend to purchase abroad when I travel and forget to bring lotion which is why I have lots from this brand.

Nivea UV Whitening – Yet another whitening lotion I purchased during one of my travels which was intended as sunscreen and was eventually forgotten. It’s not thick and sticky like most Nivea lotions I’ve tried, but it doesn’t totally moisturize skin as well. I’m not sure if this is available locally. I won’t repurchase.

Kerastase Noctogenist Overnight Softening Treatment Renewing Effect for Thick, Dull, Tired-looking Hair – This comes in cream form with a scent I can’t recognize, but also don’t like. I didn’t notice any difference in my hair besides making it difficult to comb/brush after applying this. It also makes my hair feel crunchy and breakable. I’m not impressed and I won’t repurchase.

Kerastase Noctogenist Overnight Revitalising Treatment, Renewing Effect for Fine, Dull, Tired-Looking Hair – another Kerastase treatment from the Noctogenist line. This one comes in spray form and is again supposed to nourish and protect hair, but I still notice hairfall and my hairstrands become a bit brittle after use. For hairfall, I now rely on Snoe Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil and Organix Moroccan Argan Oil, both of which strengthen my hair strands. I can tolerate perfume in cosmetics such as the Guerlain and Chanel rose scents, but this one I can’t stand. I try not to inhale when applying this as the heavy, musky scent gives me a headache. Definitely will not repurchase.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula for Stretchmarks- This has Vitamin E, Collagen, Elastin, and Shea Butter – This has lots of oils so it does tend to be thick. It also has a weird scent that I sometimes can’t stand. I have the Human Heart Nature 100% Sunflower Oil and after that I have another Vitamin E Oil and Glowing Contessa Dry Olive Oil Mist to finish. After those, I might purchase Palmer’s again. We’ll see.

L’oreal Elseve Anti-Breakage Daily Instant Treatment Non Rinse Essence for Dry, Damaged or Brittle Hair – I don’t think they carry this in local stores anymore. Probably because I didn’t notice actual anti-breakage in my hair. I used this at night because it makes my hair look and feel crunchy. Not a good sight. I’m not going to purchase this again.

Estee Lauder Pleasures – A gift from boyf as he likes this scent. It’s a nice, but a wee but heavy (on the nose) floral scent that lingers until hours later. However, I prefer Lanvin Eclat D Arpege which was gifted to me by boyf’s sister. Boyf likes that scent too.

That’s it for my first empties post! 🙂

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