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December Travels


Just some updates on where I’ve been this month.

Every year we celebrate my dad’s birthday out of the country, in his country of choice. This year wasn’t an exception so we went to Hong Kong – his ultimate favorite destination. My dad never tires of this place even though he’s been there so many times already, sometimes even several times a year. I also heard from my mom that they will be going back this January to Hong Kong for her birthday. Again, we don’t understand why haha. But if that makes them happy, we’re (brother and I) not complaining.

Some photos during our trip:

Kowloon Park where my Brother and I spent about an hour chatting and enjoying the scenery.

Taken outside Star Ferry in Central
I treated my family to these cute and yummy gelato.

Super delicious ice cream from Haagen Daz in Times Square Mall.

My daily staple food – Smoked Salmon Salad from The Market Place Supermarket

Drinks with my family at Ned Kelly’s Last Stand.
Ned Kelly’s Last Stand bar area where we were seated.

Bar hopping, our nth drink at FLM.Mom and dad, in matching grey-toned tops, during our brunch in Pizza Hut in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Aboard the Star Ferry from Harbour City going to Central. Our 3rd ride I think. With grumpy photobomber haha.

Looking at the photos, I realized that I had more videos than photos, so those are just some that I took. My husband, R, wasn’t able to join us on this trip because he maxed out his leaves (for Bicol) before we decided on this Hong Kong trip.

Our next travel was to R’s parents in Bicol. We stayed there for 6 days and spent Christmas there. We also experienced the typhoon Nina. Luckily, their home and property wasn’t damaged. They also had a generator so we were able to watch the news. Unfortunately, the phone signals were low and there was no internet,I wasn’t able to contact my family for a few days. From what I heard, until now they still don’t have electricity and internet.

I don’t have any photos from my Bicol trip apart from some polaroids that we took, but left there as remembrance. I miss staying there – the abundance of delicious home-cooked food (prepared by my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, both fantastic cooks), clean air, and relaxing atmosphere are some of the comforts I don’t have here. My only contribution was cleaning the dishes which I readily presented myself to do because I wanted an “assignment” haha and because I don’t cook well enough or barely know how to cook. I want to spare them from my bland and boring meals haha.

Anyway, that’s it for now. New Year’s Eve will be spent at my parents’ new condominum unit in McKinley which they’re super ecstatic about. I’ll try to take some photos. 🙂

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