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Diode Laser Hair Removal at SkinStation SM Marikina

Guys, this is not a paid or sponsored ad. I used my own money to pay for these procedures. 

For years, I’ve been hoping that a laser hair removal clinic would open near my place. I’ve tried a couple underarm hair removal sessions before, but because it  would take me at least an hour to get to the clinic, I wasn’t able to finish my sessions.

Now, the heavens have heard my prayer. SkinStation opened in SM Marikina this November and I was finally able to find a slot in my schedule where I can visit the place.

Upon seeing SkinStation, I was glad to see that the place looked clean and posh. The entrance and reception area was well-lit and the items they were selling were organized. The receptionist warmly greeted me and  patiently answered all of my questions.

I decided to get three packages – underarm, lower leg, and brazilian. I know the thought of laser and the feeling of snapping rubber bands to the skin seems terrifying. Even the receptionist was surprised that it was my first time to go there and I decided then and there to avail three packages and even included the brazilian. She said she would be glad to know if the brazilian was painful or not. Only a few customers have tried the bikini laser from the sound of it.

I purchased the Elite Card which costs P1,000.00 and was valid for 3 (three) years. This entitles holders to 10% discount and avail of discounted promos even if they’re not on-going. So here are the packages that I got:

  • Diode Underarm 8 sessions for P5,000 (Regular Price is P1,500 per session)
  • Lower Legs 6 sessions at P P16,000 (Regular Price is P4,500 per session)
  • Brazilian 8 sessions for P12,000 (Regular price is P3,500 per session)

Including the Elite Card, I paid P34,000.00. Right now their branch only accepts cash or straight payments. But they did mention that they’re working on a 3-month payment system for credit cards. 

My attendant started by shaving all my hair in the intented areas. This took about an hour because it had to be a clean and close shave. It’s also recommended that they do the shaving so they would know which areas they should work more laser on. 

Disclaimer: I’m used to using an epilator on myself (which is painful), as well as have been getting a Brazilian Wax for years (which can hurt like hell). Please don’t stick to my experience and think that all would be well and good. Everyone has different skin types and conditions, and pain thresholds. If you’re not sure of what you’re getting into, I recommend to try getting a wax in the areas first just to gain experience and an idea of hair removal. Or try just one session. 

I decided that we start on my underarm so I can gauge the pain of the laser. She applied a thick layer of cool gel to my underarms and started the procedure at the lowest level and upped the level when I feel that I can bear the laser. It went by quickly and with minimal pain. But take note that I have been using an epilator for years. This feels like plucking the skin using several tools at the same time so I was a bit used to removing underarm hair quickly and painfully. Yes, painfully, because using an epilator also hurts.

Next up was my lower leg, because I also used an epilator on my legs, which also hurt, we upped the intensity of the Diode quickly so we can finish faster and more efficiently. 

The last part was painful, but bearable. I frequently get Brazilian Wax and because of this I already had an idea of the pain and suffering (hahaha!) that one endures for beauty (and laser on this area). This was the part I literally felt tiis ganda. We started at the lowest intensity so I can gauge and get used to the feeling. After a few increases on the intensity, I was starting to squirm from small, but quick shots of pain, but I knew that if I didn’t bear it and stuck to the lowest intensity, it would take me several packages, yes I said packages and not sessions, before I can see a result from the procedure. 

We finally finished after two and a half hours. All in all, it was good. I was happy with the procedure and I’m glad I finally went ahead and started with everything despite the initial investment (lol). I’m looking forward to my next session and finally becoming hair-free sometime next year!

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures, but I’ll try to take some on my next session in January. 

If you have questions, feel free to comment down below.

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