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Erase Tretinoin UK Derm Erase

Erase Tretinoin UK Derm Erase Anti Acne Depigmenting Solution for Scars Wrinkles Pimples Freckles Stretch Marks Dark Elbows Knees

*DISCLAIMER: “All information are based on my opinion and personal experience. Please exercise due diligence when using said product. Test on a small patch on your body and wait 1-2 weeks for patch test effect before using product especially on the face. Avoid sun exposure and wear sunblock at all times.”

I’ve been using the Erase Tretinoin UK Derm Erase for one week. For one week nothing has happened and I already finished my bottle, until today!

I just didn’t understand why nothing was happening when I’ve been using it religiously for a week until I ran out. I read a couple reviews that said your skin is supposed to peel after a few applications. But nothing.

Lo and behold today. I was at the mall when I bought my second bottle of Erase Tretinoin because I wanted to use it more. I bought the bigger one because I realized I apply a generous amount instead of a light application and thought I needed to use even more. So going back, I was at the mall when I felt  an itch. It was a super itch! An itch I had to scratch, but didn’t. It felt a bit gross actually because it was an itch where you just want to gnaw your nails on your skin. It’s that insane!

So fast forward tonight, I was going to apply the Erase on my stretch marks then bam! I saw a dry patch on my skin. It was starting to get dry and I’m sure by the looks of it that it’s going to peel anytime soon. I couldn’t believe it because I stopped using Erase for 2 days since I already ran out.

So far, my stretch marks are still in the “depigmenting” process. Or I would like to believe. So I just have to wait for the results! Will update as soon as I finish my second bottle or when my stretch marks disappear (or not).

I read that it’s painful to use on the face so I’m not exactly going to put it anywhere near my face.

How much is the Erase Tretinoin UK Derm Erase?

The small bottle (pictured) costs Php 78.00 while the bigger bottle costs Php 165.00. It’s available at Watsons and Robinsons Supermarkets. *If you know where else this can be purchased, feel free to leave a comment so I can add more locations.

I now have a Erase Tretinoin UK Derm Erase – Part 2 post!

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156 thoughts on “Erase Tretinoin UK Derm Erase

  1. i’ve been using this product over 3 days…. and whenever i apply moisturizer and powder on my face, the areas where i apply this retin A, flakes. is it normal? and what could be the result after flaking?

    1. Hi! yes, it’s normal for the skin to dry and flake (even sting, ouch!), but the result is that the top layer gets flaked off and thinner skin after. Hopefully, better skin after. Don’t use for prolonged periods of time as it’s not advisable. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

      1. Hi. Pangalawang gabi ko plng gngamit sa face ko pero medyo itchy sya nwwala din nman effective b tlga to sa scar from chicken pox?

  2. hi i just bought this product, and I happen to have lots of black spots due to chicken pox and pimples. I really want these scars to go because i have had them for more than two years, but i was just wondering if it will work on me since i am black… :D!

    please reply soon

    1. Hi! the top layer will peel off so you’ll be left with the next layer of skin so I’m thinking that yes, it’s suitable for everyone (except for those with very dry or sensitive skin). It stings after a couple days use, but better to remove the top layer little by little. Effect is immediate, but results vary depending on how deep the scar/pigmentation is. Use sparingly. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  3. Hi there, I’m about to use it again for i haven’t seen much result before, but my stretch marks got worse. How often should I apply it on for a day, should i stick to one? because to what I heard too much will burn your skin.
    I bought the big one, it’s P280 now..

    1. hi! you should use it until your skin peels. just give it some time to heal as you just have/grew new skin. otherwise, you’re going to scar the new thin layer of skin. leave it be for a few months before starting again. stretchmarks don’t go away easily and be gentle on your skin. thanks for dropping by 🙂

    2. Panu po kapag gumamit ka perk wala k nmang pimples nag sugar po ung face KO anu po and gagawin KO please help me

  4. hello there! I have been using this product for about 5 days now and it starts to peel my skin and there’s this part on my face that I was burn. Is this normal or what?

    1. hi Ruth! please discontinue use especially now that you’ve experienced a burning sensation (or actual burning). Erase is meant to be used gradually and it removes scars over time. What it does is it peels the first layer of skin. After that, you’ll grow a sort of new skin then just give it some time. Use Erase after a few weeks or months when you feel your skin is ready for another batch of peeling.

      Thanks for dropping by!:)

      1. Hi . Ask ko lang po . Yung Redspot na malaki sa face ko nasunog po kaya yun? Mawawala po b sia pag tnigil ko pag gamit muna ng erase? Thankyou.

  5. Hi ask ko lang how many dats i need to apply the erase, how will i knwo if I need to stop using it. Tska pag nag apply ba ako how many hrs or days do i need to leave it in my skin. TIA!!:)

    1. Hi! Just apply this to the point where your skin starts to become dry (and itchy). I suggest using this at night maybe for about a week or so until you see peeling. Don’t forget to use sunblock. Thanks for dropping by!

  6. i think instead of applying thinly, i put a little too much. is that damaging to my skin? my belly though started itching and peeling. it’s very hard not to scratch but i managed not too so far. thank you about where to buy this bottle. i found this product at hi-top q.ave. kaya lang it comes with their placenta soap. i only want the bottle.

    1. hi trin! it’s best to put just a thin amount and do it gradually so the effect will also be gradual. but i don’t think it will damage your skin if you just did this, but it will hasten the process of (itching) peeling. just a note, the effect won’t be immediate. you should use this gradually in a span of a few months doing this only about once a month. this products peels the skin allowing new skin to grow. we don’t want to do this immediately or else it will damage that area in the long run. it’s still best to be careful when it comes to our skin. thanks for dropping by. btw, you can purchase just the bottle (without a soap) in SM Department Stores, Watsons, or Mercury Drug outlets.:)

    2. Hi ask ko lng ilang araw palng ako gumamait nito pero tngilq kc namula namalat ng konti tapos nangitim ms nahalata sa mukha pa naman nilalagyn q ng sebo de macho

  7. Magandang araw . 1st time ko gumamit ng ERASE TRETINOIN sinabi lang sa akin ng classmate ko na gumamit ako ng erase tretinoin para mawala yung peklat ng pimples , at nung nilagyan ko medyo mahapdi . 3 days ko pa lang ito nagagamit , kada maghihilamos ako may nakikita akong pagbabalat . kelan ba makikita yung magandang resulta sa pag gamit ng erase tretinoin ? THANKS .

    1. Hi Tricia! The end-result depends on the deepness of the scar. It may take weeks or even months depending on your scars. First it will start to peel then become itchy and eventually hurt. It just means that the product is working. Don’t forget to use sunblock and moisturize your skin. Thanks for dropping by!

    1. Hi Tricia! Once your skin starts to feel itchy or even hurt, please stop using the product. Always wear sunblock and moisturize as your skin is in a healing process during this time.

  8. hi.. ive been using erase 3days already but i stop it when i saw whole of my face is peeling i use it all over my face ..then i have a blemish iagain.. In my cheek a lil not that serious.. May i continue to use it ? i just let the redness fade.. but i notice my blemish turns into dry n lil brown and a lil flaky.. but it really works

    1. Hi! Please please don’t use it on your entire face. I don’t recommend using this on the face as it’s very strong and may even create more damage in the long run. If/when you do choose to use it on your face, just apply a very very thin layer on the blemish/scar. Always use sunblock. Don’t use on fresh pimples, only blemishes and scars. Thanks for dropping by.

      1. Hi. I used erase for 3 weeks. And now ang scar ko para siyang nsugat ulit. Tpos super dark brown siya. I discontinue using it. And put sebo de macho agad, im so sfraid n lalo msugat at lalo pumeklat. Is this normal? Should i still continue using erase despite ng pagkasunog nya? Kahit dark brown n siya, ipatuloy ko p ba? Pls reply kau agad. Tnx

    2. hi mitch.. update mo nmn ako what happened na sa face mo. here is my no. 09353879586.. want to know the result.. this is my first day using tret.

      1. hi gen! i didn’t use erase tretinoin on my face. i just used it on my thighs. after using erase on my stretchmarks it left a lighter and more even skin. but i’m thinking of using it again on my thighs some time to totally remove the stretchmarks.

  9. Hi ive been using this for like 2 days . I always put a lot and whenever i felt its almost dried out on my skin . Ive discontinued to use it since day two . Cause a lot of people told me that my pimples are getting fresher than it should not be . But i said to my self its not . Cause my people subcide from day two .

    I wake up this morning feeling itchy and gross . And annoyed . I washed it off . And put some again . And washed it off again .

    Afterwards i felt some burning sensation but not that harsh . My face get sensitive to touch .

    Should i continue to use it ?

    Though . Is dermatrix really works ?

    1. Hi meyn! Please please refrain from using this product on your face as the skin is thinner and more sensitive than the body. I don’t recommend using this on the face. Should you choose to use it on your face and the peeling and burning has occurred, discontinue using product at once and let it heal. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  10. Hi, i used erase when I was starting to learn how to drive a motor cycle, i got burns and wounds on my lower legs because of bumping and a lot of accidents, thanks to erase it totally removed and leave no marks on my burns and lightens my scars, nothing can stop me from wearing shorts! Although i dont know if it is effective with chicken pox and stretch marks, but I highly recomend it. 🙂

  11. I’ve bee using this product for 2 days palang, pero nagpeel n ung skin, ok lang po b ung ganun? Ganu pla kdalas ung pgapply. Do i really need 2 apply sunblock kht s gabi lang po ako nagaapply. TY:-)

    1. Hi Myra! Instructions say it should be used twice a day, but I also just used this at night 😉 I still highly recommend using sunblock as this product makes your skin thinner and more prone to sunburn. No harm in being careful. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  12. I tried to use erase on my blackhead, and i notice n madaling natatangal ung blackheads. Is it really ok 2 use it on blackheads

    1. hi gen! yes, it removes acne scars but please do a test patch first especially if you have sensitive skin because this is strong stuff.

    1. hi gen. yes, it’s okay to use makeup on top of this. don’t forget to apply a generous amount of sunblock as this thins the skin.

      1. heLLo.. kakagamit ko Lang nitong product na ito ngayon at saka first time ko kaya nag search ako baka merong bLog and ito yung nakita kong bLog, ahmn.. yung maLiit na bote yung biniLi ko, kasi marami na man nagbebenta dito sa cebu, gusto ko Lang po ma sure kung iLang roLL dapat? kasi po parang manipis Lang kung isang roLL pero sapat na ho ba ang isang roLL o daLwang roLL sa part nang skin? baka ho kasi masubraan ko rin at sa nabasa ko sa feedback ng iba nangangati po tsaka parang masusunog ang baLat.

        1. Hi Jane! it depends where you’ll apply the prosuct. on the face, i would suggest one roll or a very thin layer. on the body, about two to three rolls or layers on the area would suffice. thanks for dropping by!

          1. Hi, i’ve been using this product for three nights, I also use the Erase Exfoliant soap together with the Erase Tretinoin. On the first night, when i applied the tretinoin on my face it feels so itchy and feels like stretching my face so I ignored it, and second night i applied it again before bed time then i noticed that there’s peeling happened on my skin so i think it’s effecting then the third night of applying it to my face when i woke up in the morning i noticed the reddish of the area that im applying the solution and it feels so prickly to touch i felt that my skin was becoming too sensitive and thinner. What should I do? Should I continue using this product? Does this mean that the effect of was just a sign of effectiveness to my skin or what?

  13. Hi, i’ve been using this product for about 3 nights, then after first night i noticed my skin becomes dry and second day it peels off then the third day i feel my skin prickly to touch and reddish? Should i continue applying this product or no? I’m also using Erase Soap for moisturizer and my skin so moisturized.

    1. hi joy. just stop using until you feel that your skin is sensitive to touch. wait for the skin to renew itself. thanks for dropping by

  14. Hi, i’ve been using this product for three nights, I also use the Erase Exfoliant soap together with the Erase Tretinoin. On the first night, when i applied the tretinoin on my face it feels so itchy and feels like stretching my face so I ignored it, and second night i applied it again before bed time then i noticed that there’s peeling happened on my skin so i think it’s effecting then the third night of applying it to my face when i woke up in the morning i noticed the reddish of the area that im applying the solution and it feels so prickly to touch i felt that my skin was becoming too sensitive and thinner. What should I do? Should I continue using this product? Does this mean that the effect of was just a sign of effectiveness to my skin or what?

  15. hi,this is my first time to use erase nireccomend ng friend ko ksi nkita nyang ang dami kong i tried 3 days na kung gumagamit i saw peeling and same time mhapdi na sya pg.inaaply ko..i need to stop na ba pggamit? pls. mail me the answer.thanks anong dapat kung gawin pra malighten ang scars ko?

    1. hi mary ann. if the skin feels sensitive and painful, please stop using the product and wait for the skin to heal. unfortunately, there is no quick remedy for scars except for foundation or concealer to hide blemishes. i would recommend using mineral makeup or allergy-tested makeup to minimize aggravating the existing scars. thanks for dropping by

  16. Hi, I was just wondering if it is really effective to remove scars, especially old scars from my childhood. I had a scars on my knees and I didn’t notice any flaking after using it. Should I not lose hope and continue using it? thanks.

    1. hi cheryl. hmm, it should flake otherwise i recommend continuing to use the product until it does. it does remove scars, but this is not a one-time thing. it takes a while for the skin to renew itself and become new again since it has to regenerate and replace the damaged skin. patience is key. thanks for dropping by

  17. Hi ive been using this for 3 days but still wala pa akong nakitang result. And btw, kailan mag lalagay ng sunblock? After using the erase? Or before? Thanks!

    1. hi leandra. it takes a while to see the effects. this may even take effect days after you stop using so just be parient and it will happen:) apply sunblock after the erase to protect the top-most layer of skin. thanks for dropping by

  18. Hi, everyone and Mej especially. I’ve got plenty of stretch marks on the ass cheeks kasi talagang tabain ako from buttocks down to thigh. As you can imagine, it’s a large area. Is it okay for me to apply Erase on that much surface? Anybody had any results with stretchmarks from the product? Thanks!

    1. hi nerissa. i would suggest doing a patch test first. i would advice that you apply sparingly as this is a large area and considering that you would have to sit on you buttocks, there will be some pain. unfortunately, stretchmarks are one of the most difficult to treat so expect repeated treatments over the course of several months until you see some considerable change. thanks for dropping by 🙂

  19. I have this not so big dark spot on my face due to scarring because of pricking a large pimple. I am using Erase for almost a week now without using a sunblock. Then, I only see peeling on the surrounding but not on the scar itself. Will it possibly work on this scar? Thank you.

    1. hi el. you may not be able to see changes on your first try. the scar has to regenerate itself over time. on the other hand, i would strongly suggest that you use sunblock otherwise, it might do more harm than good on your scar and its surrounding skin. remember that this is peeling and if your skin is thinner, it’s more likely to get burned by the sun. thanks for dropping by.

  20. I used Erase for around 3 weeks as recommended by a friend. I have been using it to lighten my mosquito bite “scars” and my elbows. The next day after application, the areas where I applied the solution dried up and peeled. It was a bit itchy too. The bites looked like dry skin but reddish– like freshly bitten by a mosquito. Is that okay? My elbows are not really dark but I applied some on them so it can get lighter — the skin peeled, and turned red, and it stinged. The sting felt like I burned my skin. I thought that was normal because the skin was peeling and the condition could improve. I was hoping maybe after the redness my elbow skin will whiten. But now, my elbows are even darker than its original color. It’s actually reddish brown. Like I have a dark patch on my elbows and it is embarrassing. For a while my elbows were sensitive to the touch. Now it does not hurt but it feels thin and it already has a dark color. I really do not know what to do. Some scars on my feet have faded though. For my mosquito bites at the back where I treated with Erase, a birth mark like formation appeared. I feel I should go to a dermatologist because I am already scared of some of the results. Please put enough information on your packaging so the consumers can be guided well. Like what to do when it turns red, when it stings. I should have consulted a dermatologist before using the product. Any advice?

    1. hi Josephine! sorry for taking a long time to reply. I’ve experienced most of the things you have while using Erase such as the stinging, burning, and even the darkening of the skin. It remained like that for a “long” while, around 2 months. After that ugly period, my skin went back to normal as in with the stretchmarks (because that’s what I used it for). It’s not a one time application, I realized, but a process wherein I have to do it again and again over a period of time (like maybe a year, I don’t know for sure) especially because I’m treating stretchmarks which probably can never be removed (new technology perhaps). But I suggest you stop use when you see something wrong. If you feel alarmed, consulting a dermatologist may make you feel better. Also, please use products such as these with caution. Thanks for dropping by!

  21. ate pde mo po b sbhin kung anu ung step by step procedure s paggamit pati po ung mga need ilagay before and after.
    and if first tym po gumamit wat is the duration of use.
    should i massage it? or hayaan lang matuyo?
    thank u so much! its a very great and helpful review btw. :)) sorry if dame kong tanong.. i really appreciate your reply! God bless..

    1. hi heart! sorry for taking a long time to reply. Direction says apply thinly on skin that needs improvement once a day. No need to apply anything before or after, just make sure that the area is clean and dry. Don’t apply any lotion whatsoever. When I first used it, I applied it once a day for a week and I finished the bottle after that. So it all depends on the area you are applying it on. Best to use it when you get home so you have some time to leave it to dry a bit on its own. No need to massage just let it dry on its own. If you do touch it, wash your hands immediately afterwards. You don’t want it coming into contact on your eyes or mouth or other areas you don’t want it to be. That’s it. Thanks for dropping by!

  22. hi Mej!I used erase for a week, and i noticed some black patches in my skin..also, there are small balck dots..which i think would not peel and would be permanent.. i hope you can help me with this.thank you.

    1. hi phoebe! do they resemble scabs/dried wounds? the effect of erase is usually dryness, peeling, itchiness, and burning. So it might be that it got to the point where skin came off and is healing. hope to hear from you. thanks for dropping by!

    1. hi dave! when it’s itchy, its best to stop use because it’s already starting the process. use maybe after a week or two to let the skin heal. it’s not necessary to just use it at night. but that’s usually the best time to have ample time to let it dry a bit and not move it. thanks for dropping by!

    1. hi jecjec! don’t use scrubs or peeling products because your skin will be sensitive for a while. no need to use Erase soap. just use your usual soap. Don’t forget to apply sunblock. thanks for dropping by!

    1. hi angelu! it all depends on the person’s skin and the area (face, arms, body, legs, feet). also depends on your problem area (fresh scar, scar from decades ago, stretchmarks, etc) so it’s different for everyone. thanks for dropping by!

  23. iv been using this uk derma solution for my chicken pox scar on my face.. 2 or 3 nights p lang i saw some flakings na.. then reddish and mdyu mhapdi pagnaglalagay ako ng toner. is this ok? or should i stop na lng?

    1. hi sai! flakes, redness, and stinging (when wet) are normal for majority of users. But stop using toner on the area as most toners are made of alcohol so it’s like putting alcohol on a wound. Best to stop use at this point. Thanks for dropping by!

    1. hi Dave! I think “fraxel”at the derma will be able to help with the craters. topical solutions only work on the outer layer so sayang lang ang gagastusin for those.

  24. Hi , i’ve been using erase to my face . Sa mga pimple scars/marks . The after 2 days namamalat na agad ung part na nilagyan ko at mejo mahapdi pag nilalagyan ko ulet .
    I use it every night after washing my face . Mejo marami ako mag apply e . Sa bandang pisngi . Am i doing it right ?

  25. hi ive been using this product over 1 week. on my face, on my tummy and in my thigh which has stretchmark, and darkmarks cause of pimple while im pregnant. after 5 days my face start to itch, and redness and its start peeling i cant even go outside, but after a week a dark spots on my face, begin to lighten, even the pimples is allready dry. so i continue using it to my face in a very thin amount in cotton everynight, and i must say its so very effective.

  26. Hi ask ko lang kung effective ba talaga un tretinoin eraser.. Gusto ko sana gamitin sa knee ko but im scred to use it baka kasi lalo umitim.. Tanong ko din paano ko malalaman na ititigil ko na un paggamit ng product na to? Nabasa ko din need sya lagyan ng sunblock after applying ba need ko nadin ba lagyan ng sunblock?

    1. it all depends whether you’re willing to take the risk. these types of products have different effects on people’s skin. and yes, necessary ang sunblock 🙂

  27. when i try in 3days parang dumami po ung pimples ko parang gus2 ko na itigil ung pimple mark lang nman po ung gus2 ko maalis pero nadag dagan pa ng pimples na maliliit its a normal reaction po ba pero nag pepeal na po sya thanks

    1. hi! it’s not a normal reaction. your skin might be reacting to the product. please stop use when this happens to prevent more future scars 😉

  28. ok lng din po ba gumamit ng foundation kahit gumagamit ng erase uk derm. pero naglalagay din po ako ng sunblock at moistuoriser pero nagkakaroon po ako ng maliliit na pimples and its annoying please reply po thanks po

  29. hi there.I am using this product for 3 days. then i observed that after i applied it, i play basketball then if i’ve swet, and touch my face i feel hurt.. is it normal?

    1. Hi po ! I started using this Uk erase product for 3weeks then i buy also soap and lotion . my skin turn redness and a little bit franky and it hurts i was so wrong kasi i roll over my face and i put it on my fresh pimples should i try to stop it kasi I’m scared 🙁

  30. tanong ko lang po bakit nakalagay sa “preecaution” na ” do not use along with other exfolianting products”?
    kasi gumagamit din po ako ng erase na soap , then nag mmilk salt pa ako. hindi kaya nakakasama un?
    tyka pwede po ba gamitin yan “erase trentinion” ng 16 year old?

    1. hi! the tretinoin is a harsh ingredient and additional exfoliating might damage your skin. as much as possible, I won’t advice products like these on younger skin because it will still eventually heal on its own in time.

  31. Hi po…meron po akong stretch marks due to sudden na pag gain ko ng weight….new stretch marks pa po sya so red pa sya.
    paano po ba ito inaapply? dun po ba sa red (lower layer ng skin) o sa upper layer ng skin…mejo malalim po pati ang mga stretch marks ko..thanks!

  32. hi, i’ve been using this product for 4 nights and i saw some peeling on my face.. should i stop already? it’s a little bit itchy also.please give me some advice. when do i have to stop using this? thanks.

  33. After i read all this feedbacks from users of erase i wanted to give it a try..btw what is best peeling for scars i saw green oil which one you can recommend i wanted to use on the pimple scars con my face also i wanted to put on my legs scars and also for my stretchmarm..pls reply thanks

  34. hi i’m using uk derm erase for one week in my face but there is no result for my freckles is still in my face. pls, advice .

  35. Ask poako 4days na ako ng gamut ng UK now nag peel na xa any redness at makati I need tostop.?o continue using?as pimples mark KO nlalagy as face KO..normal LNG bha itong reaction NATO?

  36. Sa pimples and pimples marks KO po xa nilalagay now an feel KO na nag peel na at redness at medyo makati.4 days na po gumaamit..and I use liquid makeup oil control,,OK LNG pobha na gmitan ng liquid make up?

  37. Hi Ms. Mej

    Its Sandee from cebu…Advisable po bang gamitin ang product nato sa mga acne’s at pimples ko? or pra sa mga scars at stretch marks lng pwidi ang erase tretinoin.?

  38. Hi,ask ko lng po kung effective po ba ang erase tritinion sa scar ko sa mukha dahil sa sugat mdyo malalim po ang scar,possible bang matanggal ang scar ko gamit ang erase tritinion….

  39. Hi i used erase sa buong mukha ko. Kso sabi ng friend ko ganun dw gngawa nya at maganda dw. Pero sain ngkaroon ng white patch na bilog2 sa paligid dark spot ko. Dapat ko pa bong icontinue para pumanty sya??

    1. Hi! just continue using if you think that those round spots are just dry patches but don’t forget to use a sunblock. otherwise, discontinue use and observe the area to prevent further problems.

  40. Do this work at pimples? Do you think in at least one week my pimples will be gone, do this doesn’t have bad or worse effect to my face? answer me please…

  41. Hi…i used erase solution sa legs ko mga 2 weeks ago..then naubos na ung bottle di ko pa rin nakita ung result…then now nag-start na syang mag-peel…it becomes itchy & my redness dun sa areas na nagpi-peel…nagpahid na ko ng petroleum jelly to ease the redness…normal lang ba ung pamumula? And how long bago sya tuluyang mag-heal? Thanks!

  42. good evening. will this work on on scars due to excessive scratching?? yung peklat po na kapag kinamot magiging sugat then natanggalan ng sugat, may white mark na naretain???

  43. Hi po . 3weeks na po akong gumagamit ng tretinoin tapos pinagsabay ko po yung Lori n na erase at soap na erase may mga pula at bumabalat po ang skin ko at face anu po ban ang gagawin ko pls help 🙁

  44. hi, unang apply ko sa face nito akala ko walang effect then the next day nag aaply ulit ako tapos kinabukasan namamalat na siya ang ginawa ko medyo tinanggal ko yun pamamalat ng kaunti then i stopped using erase then im shocked kinabukasan ang hapdi hapdi na niya at namumula siya na para akong may first degree burn, ano pa dapat kung gawin?

  45. hi po.pang 2nd days ko ngayon ng eRAse solution.ok lng ba kht cnsbayan ko ng belo whitening soap kojic acid+traumadic acid then toner na acne pro
    tas un nga ung eRAse solution..hope get respond thankyou po.

  46. Hi Mej! I need help. I first started using erase about 3 weeks ago… I didn’t know that I should STOP using when it starts peeling, so I just continued applying even when it really really itches and had irritation, so know.. I think it left an even darker and larger scar than before. What should I do?

  47. Hi Mej! I need help. I first started using erase about 3 weeks ago… I didn’t know that I should STOP using when it starts peeling, so I just continued applying even when it really really itches and had irritation, so know.. I think it left an even darker and larger scar than before. What should I do? Do I stop or not?

  48. hello! 3 days ko na po ginagamit yung erase kaso may part po sa face ko na namumula tapos mahapdi. normal po ba yun? or itigil ko muna yung product? and ano po pwede nyo masuggest na remedy sa peeling effect? ang pangit kasi tignan. thanks in advance!

  49. Hello po ate ive been using this product like more than 5 weeks but my old scars arents still fading. How can i see the difference? And what do i need to do to properly apply it in my knees and scars on my legs

  50. hello po 🙂 ask ko lng po kung ilang days po naglight ung mga scars nyo sa legs?
    at pwede po ba talaga syang gamitin sa mga dark spots sa legs kasi po marami po akong dark spots dahil sa mga kagat ng lamok. effective po ba syang pangtagal?? salamat po

  51. I been using erase I think for more than 2 weeks na. And nag ppeel po yung balat ko tas sobrang kati po niya. Normal lang po ba yung itchyness na nararanasan ko? Thanks po 🙂

    1. wlang kwenta ung erase makati sa muka pangit wlang kwenta nakakasunog sa muka kunwari lang pala mga post nyo.wag na kayo bumili yan sisirain lang ung muka nyo

  52. Hai mej need me lng ng pyo mkati n xia at nmmula at nmmalat oks lng b n gmitan me xia ng pra xa kati at kojic soap o dpat n me huminto xa pgamit ng erase tnxs

  53. Hi, I just wanted to ask if this solution can remove a scar from chicken pox. It is just a very thin scars but dark and its all over my legs, can I apply it in my entire legs? Thanks in advance.

  54. Hi ate, ask ko lang po kung normal lang puba na nangangati ung scar na inapplyan ng Erase? Sa ko po binili ung Erase scar remover ko po tapos nilagyan ko po kasi kagabi ung scar ko tapos kaninang umaga nangangati napo sya. Salamat po ate.

  55. I love this product pero one month nako hnd mkahanap sa watson… super effective panamn neto sakin… dami ko kasi acne scars pero nung gumamit aq neto nag light yung acne scars ko… sana naman mag produce pa ang erase ng marami neto… huhuhu

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