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Simple Dates



Most weekends I have to go to work, and this day wasn’t an exception. But first, breakfast. We rarely eat out, but out of nowhere, R decided we have breakfast in McDonald’s. Pancakes, stories, and laughter ensued. A quick trip to the grocery for necessities. Afterwhich, R accompanied me to the office until lunch time. 

We wanted to visit our house construction. Our future home is currently being constructed (more on this in my future post). We lined up for drive-thru fries and hurriedly went on to the site. We were so excited to see the second floor being prepped for cement pouring happening next week. There’s going to be a second floor next week! We can’t believe how time flies. By next year, it will be our home. 

Small view of the city from our future home’s second floor 


R and I woke up at 5:45am. We spent some time sharing silly stories, then I proceeded to prepare our breakfast (Pork in Soursoup) and espresso roast coffee (R’s personal favorite).

Over breakfast conversation, I decided we visit UP Town Center Ayala Mall because we’ve never been. We cuddled Mico then left for the mall at 9:20am. We like getting to the mall at opening hours. 

Time was spent walking around, strolling to check out the stores and restaurants. We were planning to get a shower curtain and I checked out H&M, they cost at least P1,000! No thanks. Luckily we ended up buying it in Metro Dept. Store for only P200. Just a plain white one.

I treated R to Burger King and he treated me to Jamba Juice – only one of each. Oh, I did purchase 2 tops from H&M to add to my daily rotation – some of my current tops have become crappy looking, so these are the replacements. I also bought us some afternoon snacks – Banana Bread with Walnuts and Lemon Oatbars from ChiChi Pastries.

We then headed home to watch The Manchurian Candidate followed by Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven. 

We’ll probably be in bed by 8:00pm tonight and be up tomorrow at 3:00am. Or maybe I’ll be catching up on The Girl With All the Gifts, which is taking me a while to finish, and fall asleep by 12midnight – I hope not!

That was my simple weekend. How was yours? Hope you had a great weekend too.

Inspiring Blog Posts #1

Reading several blogs, I stumble across post that in their own way, touch me. I love reading blogs, especially local ones because I can personally relate to them. These are some of the olders posts that I have read and bookmarked, that I want to share with you too. These are the types of posts that I want to keep and read again from time to time. Short, but nevertheless, touching.

The Beauty of Enough – Frugal Honey shows us how where we are exactly in the Fulfillment Curve. 

A Love Letter to My 16-Year Old Self – Let’s just say that The Red Lippie Adventures made me cry while reading what she has gone through in life.

How to Make It Under One Paycheck – Nouelle shares with us a glimpse of their life (and lovely home) with only her husband working. 

The Four Year Wait: Our Battle with Infertility – Another post that made me cry. Jerellt narrates their struggles in conceiving. I’m sure a lot of women can relate to this, and share the same story – PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).

Don’t Give Up On Irreconcilable Differences – Teach with Joy tells us (married couples) about how those little annoying differences never really go away and how to deal with them.

Do you have favorite blog posts? Do share them.

We Don’t Have Cable


When I was living on my own, I didn’t get cable. I didn’t even have decent local channels because my previous condo didn’t allow an antenna outside the unit. So I made do with internet and my laptop.

When R and I moved in to our rental, we decided that we will not be getting a cable connection. But we did buy an antenna which we attached to our 3rd floor’s terrace. We used to watch ANC in the morning during his previous shift (1pm-10pm). But now we sometimes watch local news at night, not always because it stresses the heck out of both of us. We just have an internet connection.

R connected the tv, mac mini, and Kinect to the internet, bought a wireless keyboard and bluetooth mouse, and we download, stream, and watch movies and series in our tv – better than local channels to me!
As we realized that we liked this setup, we decided that we won’t be getting cable for our future home. We’re just going to watch all our favorite shows and movies online.

Mico and I watching Grey’s Anatomy’s previous season. There’s the wireless keyboard and bluetooth mouse on the wooden table. Our printer, also shown,  is also connected to the internet so we can print from any device at home (I’m proud because I couldn’t do those things myself haha!). R gifted us a two-seater recliner chair last Christmas for our movie and series marathons.

Building an Emergency Fund

I’ve been working for 10 years now and one thing I’ve tried and failed to create is an emergency fund. I have created a small business, earned a good amount, travelled several countries sometimes several times, bought my own (2nd hand, 3-year old) car (at 23) that depleted my savings then, rented my own bachelorette pad for a year and 6 months when I was still single shortly before I got married (which again, eventually, depleted most of my savings), got married (which again depleted most of my savings), acquired household appliances and furniture, and a lot of makeup along the way, but alas, building an emergency fund was neglected. I don’t want to regret being able to do (and maybe somehow, achieve) all those things, but having little savings is one sad and scary thought especially now that I’m married and starting a family.

Although I do have a small sum where R and I could probably survive at most is 5 months. Honestly, it’s not something I’m happy about. I know that for some, that is already a good amount. But it scares me because I don’t earn on a monthly basis, unlike most people. If I don’t work, I don’t earn. And even sometimes I work so hard, and yet I don’t earn which is why I cannot not have some form of security blanket – or else I will have to sell all my belongings (scary!). If not for the other expenses such as monthly rent, car payments, and the insurance (and investments) that we are currently paying, we could probably survive for a year with that amount of money. Sadly, that’s our current reality because those are part of our responsibilities.

So with the latter part of the year, creating an emergency fund is now on top of my to-do list. Saving is hard, same as with everyone else, but especially hard because I don’t have a monthly income. I earn in increments from business and that doesn’t always happen. We rarely eat out nowadays (the ones I post online are either family celebrations or treats to us) and our used to oft-looked-forward-to-spa visits have been rare. But hopefully in the future, I will be able to create an emergency fund that will manage to fend for us for 2 years – yes, that’s my goal. Although looking at it now, it seems unreachable given all the bills and obligations we have to pay.

And that, my friends, is the reason why I love reading financial blogs. Because if they can do it, I sure do hope that one day, I could too. I just have to have faith.

Work Outfit #1


For years, I wasn’t in the mood to dress up for work or anywhere for that matter. It was because I gained weight – 40lbs to be exact. That’s on top of the 20lbs I gained after college, so I gained 60lbs in total. My heaviest was during my wedding which is why I don’t exactly like posting photos of that time unlike most brides. I was mostly in jeans and a top mostdays and that depressed the heck out of me because I used to love dressing up. I even used to have a fashion blog, way before this beauty blog (I think this blog is now 5 years old).

So one day, feeling down, I decided to exercise – 6 times a week. Fast forward to 2 months later, I lost 20lbs. I finally fit some of my clothes better, while some already became loose which delighted me, but also meant I could no longer wear those. I still have a long way to go. I don’t get to exercise regularly nowadays, my weight has reached a plateau, but I don’t want to lose hope that I’m still going to fit my smaller (next size) clothes. Yes, I haven’t given them away because I’m still hoping and praying that I’ll fit into them again one day.

Today, out of nowhere, with the typhoon Ferdie, I felt inspired to dress up for work. I know this is not really stylish to those who always dress up for work, but to me, it already is and it makes me quite happy that I want to share it here.

I’m thinking if I should get another one of the skirt because I like it’s length for work. I tend to go for a uniform and I like rotating clothes. Not sure if that’s weird. I’m not a minimalist, nor do I have a capsule wardrobe. But people who see me often will probably notice that I love repeating my clothes, especially my favorite ones, as well as buying in multiples. Just wearing what I love over and over until they’re no longer presentable. My parents don’t like it. My mom always tells me to buy new clothes because she always sees me wearing the same outfits. Oh well, I guess that’s just my thing. Or a Marie Kondo thing – wear what sparks joy.  Or something like that.

This photo was not taken in our current rental btw.

Shameless selfie because I was delighted at my outfit. 

Favorite Blogs #1

Most of my nights are spent reading. I usually get in bed at 7:30pm and spend a few minutes bonding some more with my husband – talking about life, our dreams, our goals and aspirations. He often falls asleep before I do so I spend my time doing what I enjoy that is reading a book (I’m currently midway through The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey), reading marketing, business, and motivational articles, and reading blogs.

These are some of the Filipina blogs that I enjoy reading (and re-reading!) and who I can honestly say, could be my friends in real life (yes, really): – Grace writes about being a minimum wager, while still being able to maintain an emergency fund, owning stocks, and owning her own home plus another rental home. Nowadays, she shares her journey about doing all these and going back to school to become to become a teacher. I have probably read ALL her posts thrice as of date because I find her stories both inspirational and motivating. – Just realized that I don’t know what name to call her except for Mama Bee. But I’ve finished reading all her blog posts in all of 3 days – yes, all 87 blog entries. I devoured them like a good book. Talk about blog-post-marathon. But that’s because Bee posts about saving and saving her first million pesos (wow!) and moving on to two million, pursuing her entrepreneurship dreams and slowly, but surely succeeding, and being frugal in general, which we must admit, is easier said than done, is quite addicting. Her last entry was January of this year, and that doesn’t stop me from re-reading her posts, but I do hope she gets back to blogging soon. – Gladys is a Filipina living in Nebraska, USA. You’d think that because she’s abroad, you won’t be able to relate to her. But it’s the entire opposite, she is very relatable and humble. Gladys writes about achieving a simple life raising her two beautiful daughters Marie and Olivia and being married to husband Tim. Someday being financially-free and living a fulfilling life is the theme of her posts and its a refreshing one. She makes wise financial decisions that we can all learn from. She is currently working on publishing her first book that I can’t wait to get my hands on. – Edelweiza’s website is one that I discovered from Grace’s. Reading her posts is like catching up on a good friend – written in honest and humble tones. I enjoy reading about how her week was spent especially with her husband, as well as about beautiful renovations on their home in Cavite, because I find them very relatable. I haven’t read all of her posts yet, but I’m really looking forward to all the stories from this gem of a blog. – Fleur is one of my go-to blogs for a pick-me-up. Her posts are like your uplifting, hardworking, and funny best friend. She talks about being a supportive and loving mom to her beautiful daughter Anika, funny conversations with her husband Alvin (that we can relate to as married couples), and jokes about things in life that generally stresses the rest of us. It’s like finally talking to your best friend at the end of the day and having so much fun stories. I especially love the Sombrero Sitcom and her outfit posts. 

Do share your favorite blogs in the comments section. I would love to add more to my reading list.

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