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Design Inspiration #2


R and I dream of having a cozy patio and some garden in our future home. That’s where we will spend our weekend days and weekday nights dreaming, working, eating, and bonding. It would be our little outdoor cafe where he would grind coffee beans and I would just boil water for the coffee press. Ha! It’s where we will spend our times on our laptops, me blogging, him (probably) working, while out feet would fondle Mico, and we would be slapping ourselves from mosquito bites. It doesn’t have to be huge, just some space enough for the both of us, and hopefully our future kids, would be perfect. Fairy lights, sprinkled grass, and some form of curtain or mosquito net maybe.

Design Inspiration #1


Kitchen designs that I am loving lately. I would love a huge kitchen with a separate bar or counter, but I’m being realistic with attaining a small kitchen in the future. The designs I prefer are all white with natural wood or stone accents and lots of natural and man-made light. A ceiling fan is right up there for when it gets too hot while cooking. Also, ventilation is key. 

An Intimate Family Event


R and I woke up at 6am yesterday. Mornings are always spent playing with Mico and feeding him whilst preparing breakfast, R grinding coffee beans and finally making pressed coffee, and me cooking the usual meals again. Othertimes, R cooks a different set of breakfast just to break the monotony – usually on weekends. But this time we didn’t have breakfast, but started prepping for our trip to Bulacan. I re-curled my newly-highlighted hair because the previous night’s curls became loose, so it took all of 40minutes. It’s his nephew’s Christening so we wanted to be early. 

We left at 8am, Wazed for the shortest route, and got to our meeting place in NLEX at around 9:20am. It was a quick breakfast spent bonding over life conversations with his family. One of my favorite things is small talk with loved ones (because mine oftentimes talks about business and it’s not really the sweetest conversations, educational, but not always very pleasant). So this, naturally, was a lovely breakfast.

We arrived at the church and proceeded with the Christening and headed to the cozy reception venue. It was a beautiful and intimate affair with family and their friends. A nice departure from the usual crowded events that I have grown out of, with age. Everybody wanted to have a chance to play with J, the newly-Christened baby – and everyone did. It was that tight-knitted. Baby J really had the spotlight, and his toddler sister also found playmates which made the party all the more fun. It’s nice seeing everyone in the room having fun with family and friends even for a short span of time.

After the reception, we dropped by my SIL’s nearly-finished house construction. It was beautiful – a meditteranean design house with lots of space to live in for growing a family. The way going to their house had huge, relaxing fountains and they lived near the clubhouse, where they can spend weekends swimming and playing with the kids. The kids’ rooms were big, a good size for them to enjoy growing in. The Master’s bedroom had a large terrace where husband and wife can spend bonding time reminiscing about their beautiful family, life, and building their home. The kitchen was spacious but the right size to teach the kids about cooking and meals. They had plans of expanding to their additional lot which I’m sure will be a greatly-utilized space. I can’t wait to see it finished in the near-future – it will be lovely.

Our trip back home was heavy with rain and traffic. But it was all worth it. We don’t get to spend time with them often, but I love that whenever we do get to meet each other, it’s always filled with stories, mutual-support, and love. 

No personal photos, sorry. I’m not sure if they’d like their photos and their home posted online. Here’s a photo of newly-groomed Mico for you, this little one loves getting his photo taken – and posted!

1 Year and 4 Months Later

shangri la mactan

It’s been one year and four months since I last wrote an entry.

High End Lipsticks

Some high-end lipsticks left after destashing

Some events that have occurred since then are as follows:

  • I moved out of my first rental flat
  • moved-in with my then-fiance to a 4-bedroom home (yes, it’s super huge for us!)
  • adopted an almost 2-year old loveable, but fierce male pomeranian named Mico
  • had an intimate (crazy and fun, all-female) bridal shower
  • got married

That was all last year. Oh, our honeymoon was spent in Shangri La Mactan, Cebu which is a little piece of heaven. We promise to go back there again someday when we have saved enough for our Travel Fund. And, my parents treated us to a trip to Seoul, Korea where my husband finally experienced (and hated) humid winter. All in all, it was a lovely trip and we hope to travel more again someday.

First Rental Flat

My previous (tiny and cozy) flat, that I miss dearly!

Current Rental Living Room

Our current rental from when we first moved in (I found those b&w dog pillows at SM Department store)

Current Rental Living Room 2016

How I rental currently looks with Mico on the recliner chair (that we cover so that his fur won’t be all over it, which he always manages to remove)

shangri la mactan

Our dreamy Shangri La Mactan Room

seoul korea trip 2015

With my husband R in Tapgol Park, Seoul, Korea

seoul trip 2015

In Gyeongbokgung

This year, though, life has been quieter; more of an adjustment to married life and finally having to really, truly cook for the two of us. I survived with fried food when I lived alone, but living with my husband, we tried to make our meals healthier. We resorted to cooking using a Turbo Fryer, which we used for a year until we bought an Air Fryer last August, because it was much more efficient and energy-saving. On another note, I also lost 20 lbs. last July from working out, but not necessarily from eating healthier, which I eventually had to stop because I had gum surgery (my third and hopefully my last!). These days I try to squeeze in 2-4 workouts per week just to feel a little healthier and a little happier, all thanks to the endorphins.

So, moving on to the real deal. The main reason why I couldn’t get back to blogging was that I no longer felt passionate writing about makeup.  At the very last leg of my old blog, most of my posts were hauls and makeup looks, but I was starting to deviate to doing mainly neutral looks for work and using the same products over and over. And because this blog used to be focused mainly on beauty (products), I felt there was nothing more I could write about. Reviewing makeup no longer resonated with the things I enjoyed doing. Mind you, I still enjoy purchasing makeup every once in a while (when my current married-woman-with-a-bazillion-bills budget permits), as well as doing makeup regularly; But doing mainly beauty reviews, I found, was not my thing.

I hope to get back to blogging again, this time around, with everything that makes me feel excited and happy about. See you on my next post!

Bedroom View

View from our bedroom (beautiful, but super creepy at night!)

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