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Work Outfit #1


For years, I wasn’t in the mood to dress up for work or anywhere for that matter. It was because I gained weight – 40lbs to be exact. That’s on top of the 20lbs I gained after college, so I gained 60lbs in total. My heaviest was during my wedding which is why I don’t exactly like posting photos of that time unlike most brides. I was mostly in jeans and a top mostdays and that depressed the heck out of me because I used to love dressing up. I even used to have a fashion blog, way before this beauty blog (I think this blog is now 5 years old).

So one day, feeling down, I decided to exercise – 6 times a week. Fast forward to 2 months later, I lost 20lbs. I finally fit some of my clothes better, while some already became loose which delighted me, but also meant I could no longer wear those. I still have a long way to go. I don’t get to exercise regularly nowadays, my weight has reached a plateau, but I don’t want to lose hope that I’m still going to fit my smaller (next size) clothes. Yes, I haven’t given them away because I’m still hoping and praying that I’ll fit into them again one day.

Today, out of nowhere, with the typhoon Ferdie, I felt inspired to dress up for work. I know this is not really stylish to those who always dress up for work, but to me, it already is and it makes me quite happy that I want to share it here.

I’m thinking if I should get another one of the skirt because I like it’s length for work. I tend to go for a uniform and I like rotating clothes. Not sure if that’s weird. I’m not a minimalist, nor do I have a capsule wardrobe. But people who see me often will probably notice that I love repeating my clothes, especially my favorite ones, as well as buying in multiples. Just wearing what I love over and over until they’re no longer presentable. My parents don’t like it. My mom always tells me to buy new clothes because she always sees me wearing the same outfits. Oh well, I guess that’s just my thing. Or a Marie Kondo thing – wear what sparks joy.  Or something like that.

This photo was not taken in our current rental btw.

Shameless selfie because I was delighted at my outfit. 

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Hi! I'm Mej and that little guy is my dog, Mico. I used to write post mostly about beauty and a long time ago, just fashion, but that's going to change. So I could post more often, I've finally decided to post anything that catches my fancy - be it beauty, fashion, interior and facade design, married life and life in general, career, and even finance. It felt limiting to write just up to three topics - beauty, travel, and health, especially now that I don't feel as passionate writing just about those three things. But that's all in the past now. Anyway, that's it for now. See you in my posts!

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